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Other Pictures:
Pictures of Lightning
with cameos by electric
poles near Tulsa,
Old insulator Pictures
north dakota power plants
for Insulator Collectors
More insulator collectors
Pictures from Turkey
national insulators
damaged electric poles
in tucson, arizona
not for the squeamish
Arizona pictures from
Striking images
a listing of brazilian
electric company resources.
Pictures of Tulsa
pictures of a
electric pole
be-headed by fire.
not for the squeemish
The high voltage page
Cd Thayer's lineman page
Sir Grumpy's page
Matamoros Pictures
More Electric poles
from nick ogden
(no relation)
pictures of a fire
near a austin
power plant

View My SlamBook! |
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This page is devoted to
the electric pole,
the utility structures that
cross the countryside
transmitting lots of
power between different
citys around the globe,
above farmlands
and cities worldwide.
Links have
been added here
about american and
international electric
utilities, pictures
are here depicting
the electric pole,
and hopefully you
will find out more
about the electric
poles that cross
the countryside for
countless miles between
the cities of the world.
Maybe, just maybe, you will
appreciate them like i do.
All pictures here will either
be donated or taken myself.

Please note that
electric poles also go
under the name of
telephone poles (a modern
fallacy since electric
poles hardly ever
carry telephone cable
anymore) transmission
towers, light poles
and utility poles.
as for why im interested,
I've always been
fascinated with electric
poles since when
i was a kid going up to
houston and back
to be cured of leukemia.
Somehow, when i felt blue
they always seemed to
be 'smiling' because
that's the way they were
built. I like to
take pictures of
them now,wherever i go.
Maybe it takes me back
to the halcyon days of
my youth to see them, when
life wasn't so strange.
In the months to come,
I will feature
new pictures of
electric poles
from my recent trips.

Company Pages
info on power
distribution from
el paso electric
with wierd poles

news and information
Photovault, pg 1.
Photovault, pg 2.
New Orleans
pictures from
pictures from corbis
links to major
utility companies worldwide
more tornado pics
Electricnet links
Southeast power's page
Houston Light and Power
Wisconsin Energy
Central power and light
Aberker's electric
pole page
Info and pictures
about linemen worldwide
Images of linemen at work
With lingo and information
Linemen Rodeo Pages
A lineman college
more linemen pictures.

A webcam look
at a tulsa electric pole
electric pole projects
and pole pictures

Official Texas
City Pages
Weslaco, tx
city page
fort worth
2nd page on
fort worth
san antonio

search engine
Corpus Christi
a fort worth guide

Offical Louisiana
city pages
Baton Rouge
New Orleans

Official Oklahoma
city pages
Oklahoma city
info on Oklahoma
Info on Tulsa
and images of tulsa
Tulsa Chamber
of commerce
Misc. Webcam pages
Laredo bridge cam
Dallas Webcam
Austin webcams
of austin highways
Oklahoma City
web cam #1
Another OKC cam
webcams from
all over tulsa
milwaukee, Wisconsin
Misc stuff
free newsgroup server

Personal Pages
pictures of highways
in alabama and beyond
the highway
kickoff page
pictures of
lightning near
oklahoma city, oklahoma
photos of storms
near oklahoma city with
cameos by oklahoma
electric poles
of laredo and
nuevo laredo
pictures of
new line
construction in
Dallas Photos
Austin Pictures
texas road stops
fort worth
pictures of older poles
mentioning this page
the Laredo newspaper
Austin|houston pics
Cities of Texas
seen from high above
skyline pictures
from all over
more skyline
pictures of texas
pictures of
wildflowers with
cameos by irving,
texas electric poles
pictures of the trinity
river through dallas
and fort worth with
Electric pole Cameos

the electric pole shrine

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from the electric pole shrine 2000
site owned by charles duncan
click here to get
the code and pictures
to put on your electric pole
related webpage, then
when you do.

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