the realm of longneck III

(done mahir cagri style)

pictures of me
pictures of ME.
i  will soon sell electric pole t-shirts and goodies

pictures of POLES.
the first realm of longneck

another shrine.

this is a parody of a parody of mahir cagri's page.. not to be confused with the realms of longneck 1 ....and 2.
i am long-


hi! im the irving , texas pole!

i like music and anime.. i have many favorite kinds... rap.. r&b.. country..

dragonball and ranma and tenchi muyo, and anything bar ney of richard (aka) son texas doesn't sing...

i go lots of places... houston, san antonio, austin, dallas, new orleans, reynosa, laredo,
s christi,

waco, bryan, college station, marlin, fort worth
, arlington, irving, galveston, texas city, wharton, victoria....
my profession is cleaning tables, folding pizza boxes.....
make pizza boxes for pizza... i like to take photos (electric poles, skylines, the sky, and hig
dis claimer

this isn't related to, but inspired by mahir cagri's page
i don't even know why
he's so cool ..

i have ircer friends from 3 different states..
i live in texas... SOUTH TEXAS.. (a million on both sides of the border)

#wrestling and imliked in #houston, #dallas, #okla
homa and #louisiana

got to catch them all, dragonball..

whoops, wrong show! who wants to come to t
exas? i'm NOT Inviting! they can, howver,put up poles in my hometown instead ... I speak very little spanish and no turkish or japanese but i speak english and gun's gan!
when someone copied
and messed with his page..

only then did he get popular.

but if he STILL rules, who am i
to argue!?!?

i am 6'4 , i weigh 300 pounds, im FAT :)

t-shirts i sell of the chupacabra | my stories | bad food